What's in a name?

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yourdomain .no .com .net .org .ninja .info .style .cafe .store .one .photography .studio .buzz .club .name .support .art .eu .be .world .fitness .singles .tattoo .yoga .works .chat .xxx .mobi .love .systems .shop .wine .tv .us .taxi .zone .football .best .soccer .watch .video .help .gratis .blog .actor .church .market .beer .theatre .pink .online .photo .fail .today .expert .holiday .farm .global .pizza .coffee .how .rocks .fun .sexy .pro .fans .in .cloud .horse .gallery .wedding .florist .racing .shop .email .site .menu .pub .dentist .cooking .games .events .is .recipes .digital .band .men .show .dog .life .agency .run .cool .jobs .rest .date .science .expert .it .dance .camp .buzz .rent .design .sale .bike .live .click .red .coop .dating .rocks ?

Your domain is your unique address on the Internet. An address you can call your own. Choosing a domain name that says something about you or your business will make it easier for your customers to find you. Try to choose a domain name that’s short and easy to remember.

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Who can register a


Any individual or organisation resident in Norway can register a .no domain. If your domain is for private use, you’ll need a valid PID (Personal ID number), which is freely available online. If you’re registering a domain on behalf of a business or other organisation you’ll need a valid organisation number which you’ll likely already have.

If you need a PID or organisation number, you can use the links provided below. If you need more help, get in touch and we’ll be happy to guide you through the entire process.

Once you have a valid PID or Organisation number, simply provide it during checkout and we’ll have you up and running in .no time.

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