Terms and conditions


The Terms of Service contained in this Agreement, reflect the the standard terms and conditions of shed49 products and services as well as information provided by the user via the order form and other means.

The agreement is entered into between shed49 and the customer (hereinafter referred to as User) and is legally binding . The agreement is signed when the user has place the order via shed49’s order pages and received email confirmation that shed49 has received this form.

shed49 reserves the right to reject any order within 2 – two – days after receiving the email confirmation of said order.


shed49 offers the user the ability to store electronic data on their servers so that others can access this information through the World Wide Web (WWW). In addition, shed49 provides the user the ability to send and receive electronic mail (email) via the World Wide Web (WWW). shed49 will bill User for these services accordingly.

User is responsible for the necessary equipment on site, such as computer and modem to facilitate connection to WWW, costs related to this connection such as telephony or other expenses.

When User makes use of this service, he undertakes to:

  • Record correct, complete and up-to-date informatio about yourself when shed49 request such information.
  • Update and maintain such information so that it is updated at all times.
  • User is obliged to update & notify shed49 of any changes to User residence address and / or email address. Failure to notify shed49 of changes in the user’s residential address and / or email address will be considered a material breach of shed49’s terms of service, and shed49 may exercise the right to exclude User from the service and immediately terminate all conditions User has to shed49. shed49 will not under any circumstances disclose any of this information to any third party, unless User has given written permission for this or shed49 via legal order is enforced to disclose this User Information.

If it becomes  known to shed49 that some of the information that the User has entered is incorrect shed49 reserves the right to exclude User from the Service and promptly terminate all conditions User has to shed49. In such cases no outstanding amounts will be refunded.


shed49 reserves the right at any time & change the terms of this document. If such a change occurs, shed49 shall inform this service user. The customer is obliged at all times  ensure that shed49 has correct
information about the User communication channel. If User does not accept the new terms of service, User has the option of terminating its use of service there and then. If User continues to use the service this means

  • User agrees to the new Terms of Service for use of the Service.
  • User commits to the terms set out here for use of the Service.


shed49 will strive as long as possible to keep the service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week however Shed49 cannot be held responsible for any losses the customer may have due to any downtime. Please note that the service is unavailable. shed49 reserves the right to & terminate or change the service if further operation is not justified. shed49 has no obligations to third parties if shed49 makes use of the right to change or terminate the service.


When you become a User of the services from shed49, a user account will be created with own username and password. It is the User himself who is responsible if these are not kept secret. User is also responsible for everything that happens under his User account. User commits at all times to inform shed49 if User is aware of any unauthorized use of the User Account or other activities that may pose a security risk.


shed49 will adhere to the private communication between transmitters
and recipient. In addition to the rules set out in paragraph 2 above, shed49 does not monitor, edit, delete or exclude any content of a User’s private communication. Exceptions apply if:

  • shed49 is enforced this through a judicial body or
  • There is a need to protect shed49’s rights and / or property or
  • In very special cases, it is necessary to protect the personal security of users of the service or the public.

shed49 takes no responsibility for any threatening, illegal or otherwise offensive material nor responsibility for infringement of third party rights or criminal acts, if any  using this service. User agrees with and approves that shed49 performs no technical processing of User e-mail and its contents when used to :

  • Send and receive messages
  • Customize messages to technical specifications in affiliate networks
  • Adapt messages to any limitations of the service

The content of the User’s web sites must at all times comply with Norwegian legislation and shed49 cannot be held responsible if User does not comply. shed49 reserves the right to terminate User account (s) without further notice if it becomes aware of such a case.


The user is responsible for posting and updating information on his own
web area. All content posted on the service machine is the user’s responsibility and the user retains ownership and copyrights of the material published.

User understands and accepts that use of the service is at your own risk. The service is offered as it is and when it is available. shed49 cannot guarantee that the service will satisfy the User’s requirements, or that the Service will be uninterrupted, secure or error free.

User understands and accepts that material has been downloaded or uploaded, or otherwise received or sent through the use of the service is at your own risk and that shed49 shall not be responsible for any errors, damages or data loss incurred to material and / or data. shed49 takes no responsibility in the case of goods or services ordered or received through this service or any transactions made through it. User acknowledges and agrees that shed49, its employees, owners and affiliates do not hold legal or @conomic responsibility for any legal forgery User is subject to due to unlawful use of the Service. No oral or written warranty not contained in this document may be given.


In principle, user cannot resell services purchased by Shed49 without prior written approval that such resale is accepted.


shed49 accepts no responsibility for deletion or other errors that result in the User messages or data being lost from the system. shed49 has upon sending and receiving of messages or data no limit on the number or amount of this, however reserves the right to nevertheless decide whether User’s use of the service is in accordance with the Terms of Use of the Service, and may exclude the User if shed49 defines it so that User does not comply with what is stipulated in these Terms. The amount of storage and data transfer in the respective accounts is shown by product information. Over-consumption will be invoiced at your own charge. Other restrictions may apply to the respective accounts.


User is solely responsible for the content of his or her messages and information sent through the service. Usage of this service are subject to all local, regional and international laws and regulations. User understands and accepts to:

  • Not use the service for criminal acts.
  • Not willfully perform any act that may disable or sabotage shed49’s service or network.
  • Shall behave correctly in relation to all affiliate network rules and procedures.

The allocated disk space is intended for web pages, e-mail and database. shed49 does not allow the use of disk space to store larger files for downloading, streaming media files or storing data that is not intended for use with web pages, email or database – hotlinking is not allowed.

It is not allowed to use the disk space for illegal or offensive material, including illegally copied software, music, text, visuals and the like, as well pornographic, racist or discriminatory material. If this happens, your subscription will without notice be closed and the customer will be billed for the amount of traffic it has used to transfer the material. The event will also be reported to the relevant authorities.

Use of script / programs is allowed as long as the use does not include unreasonably large resource consumption. Scripts/programs cannot be used to access other files or information on machines than the ustomer’s own. The is aware that all system resources are shared and act accordingly.

The service uses the Internet for sending and receiving messages and  information. The user’s use of the service is therefore subject to the regulations applicable to everyone online. User will not use the chain letter service, “spam” email mail or other distribution lists to people who have not provided specific information that they wish to be included in such services.

User will not use the service to store illegal material. User understands and accepts to not send or publish illegal, harassing, obscene, threatening, vulgar or otherwise objectionable material in any form. Also to not publish material that encourages breach of compliance with Norwegian or international laws and regulations. Transmissions which disproportionately burden shed49’s servers and technical infrastructure are forbidden. Shed49 reserves the right to remove content such as illegally copied software, music, films and the like. The purpose of shed49’s web hosting is not to act as external hard drive for storing stars
lots of files for free download or viewing, but a display and / or sales place for natural and legal persons. User shall not destroy or breach another users use or enjoyment of the service.


A subscription runs for 12 months at a time (a “subscription period”) and is eligible at any time to be terminated by User with minimum 1 – month notice until expiry. and subscription period. Eg. if User has subscribed on January 1st 2005 the subscription runs until December 31, 2005. If Customer fails to cancel the subscription continues for the following year, the subscription must be cancelled by November 30, 2005. This cancellation can be made via shed49’s web pages, client area or email. The service is a Continuous Subscription. shed49 will not be held responsible to any third party if the service ends. Should User be or be dissatisfied with the Service or the rules of this document, he shall adhere to the following:

  • Cancel the service.
  • Close their user account.
  • Inform shed49 about the ending.

shed49 does not undertake to notify Users that the relationship will be terminated if they do not hold correct contact information for user. shed49 has no responsibility to forward unread or unpublished
messages and information to the User or third party.


All messages to or from shed49 must be made in writing, via email, via shed49 client area or contact form.

if shed49 thinks this is necessary for & inform the User about changes in
terms of use of the service or other topics of importance to the service and its users. User can, if desired, receive operating messages from shed49 through selected communication channels.


User understands and accepts that shed49 is not responsible for any loss of data resulting from service interruption or loss. User is responsible in taking backup of data stored on shed49’s servers.


User agrees to pay the applicable fees for the service as required.
shed49 will pre-invoice User for service period of the product / service start. User is given 14 days payment terms unless otherwise stated. In case of late payment, shed49 must receive payment,  at latest 14 days after the invoice’s due date. In case of delayed payment, a fee is paid for late payments. shed49 reserves the right to transfer the claim to a third party. If payment is not received at the start of a new subscription period, User agrees that the product / service may be suspended or deleted and the domain will not be renewed. If User wishes to take advantage of the 30-day refund guarantee, then User will notify shed49 within 30 days of order was placed. domain Fee Payable to Norid / Icann by shed49 is non-refundable. shed49 will send invoice by email to email address specified by user 1 – one – month before period of the product / service starts. shed49 sends invoice reminders by email. User can pay for the service by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal (www. paypal.com).


When using the right of cancellation, shed49 withdraws the rights the Service and the User will receive a refunded amount, except as set forth below. The right of withdrawal applies 30 days from time of order.

  • When a service includes registration of a domain this is done at the domain’s registrar, and therefore the domain registration portion of the service cannot be cancelled. The domain registration costs will be deducted from any refund. The user retains ownnership of this domain and is free to do with it as he wishes.
  • The 30-day deadline for the right of withdrawal has expired. If shed49 receives cancellation for the.
  • Pre-designed web design or logo is non-refundable after purchase


If one or more of the points in this agreement are breached, the service will be temporarily closed until the relationship is rectified. If the relationship is not rectified within a reasonable time, the service will be permanently closed.


User understands and accepts that all content on shed49’s pages and adverts belongs to the individual company and all use of this material must be approved by them. This means that User cannot copy, reproduce, distribute or create related works based on content found on these pages without the written approval of it . All trademarks are copyrighted by their respective owners and all rights reserved.

18. LAW

The titles of the points in this document are for your convenience. The parties’ rights and obligations under the agreement are determined in their entirety Norwegian law. If a dispute arises between the parties on the interpretation or the legal effects of the agreement, shed49 may require the dispute to be resoved by negotiations. If such negotiations are not forthcoming, each of the parties shall agree to such dispute being decided with final effect by the greater legal system.